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What makes ITMR different from other technology providers?

ITMR is only interested in supporting small businesses (less than ~50 computers)
Small businesses have special needs and opportunities that don't necessarily apply to larger companies and ITMR intends to specialize and focus on what is most efficient and economical for small business owners.

ITMR only charges for consulting, licensing, services and support; and will get the best prices for hardware and software.
You may purchase all items yourself, or purchasing can be done "on your behalf".

ITMR follows hardware and software recommendations VERY closely.
We have found that deviating from explicit recommendations from hardware and software vendors usually proves to be harmful for your networked systems. We highly recommend staying current on all Microsoft software technologies and Dell hardware recommendations.

ITMR will only recommend, install and support what it is capable of doing.
We only support Microsoft technologies and the software your company needs to run on them. We don't "extend" ourselves into areas we are not qualified to do so. We are narrowly focused, but excellent at what we do, and don't want to compromise quality of service by lack of knowledge and expertise. If we cannot provide the technology solution you need, we will point you in the right direction to someone who can.

ITMR partners with other local companies to provide services that we do not offer.
We have technology partners available to do cabling, phone services and website design and hosting.

Technical Career Highlights/Abilities

Skills and Abilities

  • Designing, managing and implementing accounting software and business system changeovers
  • Deploying Windows 2019 Servers and Hyper-V
  • NAS solutions and OneDrive for secure file sharing
  • Office 365 conversions, implementation and management
  • Implementing WAN using VPN utilizing Sonicwall and Ubiquiti products
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance reviews
  • Business Technology and Security Reviews
  • Remote Connectivity and Terminal Service Applications
  • Operational expert in WIN10 desktops
  • Highly capable with MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Deploying Secure Ubiquiti Wireless Solutions


  • Advised, consulted and/or offered support services for over 70 servers and 500 employees in various companies across Michigan.
  • Represented a local consulting firm - in Bank Technology Reviews, Internal Technology Audits, HIPPA compliance, fraud and security investigations, Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery
  • Cross industry proficient - advise, consult and/or offer support services for Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Medical, Retail, Wholesale, Temporary Agency, Attorneys, CPA Firms, Chamber of Commerce and Construction

Technical Milestones

  • Successfully brought a new accounting system online for 3 companies using a sophisticated PICK accounting system within budget and on time.
  • Managed the total changeover of all hardware and business systems for a premier sporting goods store with little interruption of the retail sales cycle.
  • Managed and acted as liaison for a multi-state insurance company to �break-off� of its parent company and operate independently.
  • Designed, managed and was project lead for roll out of Windows2000 utilizing Active Directory, VPN and multiple Exchange Servers for a local accounting firm's - 6 offices state-wide.
  • Designed and project lead for the technology solutions of a local company's purchase of an out-of-state company with 14 offices in 3 different states.


Joseph W. Lunsford

Cell 989-205-8700

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